Our Story



Flashback is an exciting 5-piece band put together by a group of experienced musicians who enjoy playing Rock 'N' Roll and classic rock from the 60`s, 70`s & 80's. Band members are: Brian Thomas on rhythm guitar & lead vocals, Heiner Rogge on keyboards & lead vocals, Robert Thomas on bass guitar and backing vocals, Ken Adderson on lead guitar & backing vocals,and Scott Broe on drums. Flashback`s song line-up consists of well-known and beloved rock & pop classics from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Roy Orbison, Elvis, Beach Boys, Monkees, Van Morrison and the Eagles. Flashback performances are energetic and polished with strong vocals and musicianship and a repertoire which ensures a great night  of entertainment. From pubs to clubs, to festivals, private functions, weddings and corporate events, the band will leave you wanting more and ensure your event is a great success. 

Scott Broe - has been drumming for over 35 years. His influences include Keith Moon, John Bonham, Clem Burke, and Steve Gadd, among others. He has played with myriad of artists, from garage warriors to Juno award winners, a stripped- down blues duo to a horn section driven Big Band. Scott is currently playing a vintage mahogany Premier kit with Sabian cymbals and yes, there is a cowbell.

Brian Thomas - has been playing the guitar for 35 years. Brian`s musical influences growing up were the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Monkees, Neil Young and Neil Diamond. Over the last 20 years Brian has performed at many venues as a lead singer and rhythum guitarist with various bands. He has been a member of the Grey Matters Band for over twelve years as well as appearing as a solo artist at Community Centres and private functions. Brian recently joined Flashback as one of their lead singers and rhythum guitar player.

Ken Adderson - played in a 60`s Rock & Roll band in the late 80`s and co-founded a busy psychedelic 70`s & 80`s band Groovy Tuesday in the early 90`s playing numerous gigs and score of venues. He also played in variety of rock bands throughout the late 90`s and early 2000`s, including an all original music band, playing his own compositions which he has recorded and are now on a CD. In February of this year Ken joined Flashback and plays lead guitar and sings backing vocals.

Rob Thomas - began his interest in music as a drummer. In the summer of `69 Rob bought his first set of drums but by the early 70`s, Rob quickly learned to play bass. His influences include, Paul McCartney, Bill Wyman and Roger Watters. In 1974 Rob & his brother formed their first band, The Sensations. Rob has played with various bands over the years and has been the bassist for the Grey Matters Band for the past twelve years playing at various venues. Rob formed the band Flashback in November 2015. 

Heiner Rogge - Heiner`s passion for classic rock goes back to his early days as a lead singer of a rock group The Peers in Germany in the 60`s & 70`s. The band toured the country playing venues such as gymnasiums and auditoriums, Jazz Cellars and dance bars and American NCO clubs. Having been part of that era where classic rock was the music of play he now continues his love of rock as a co-lead singer and keyboardist of Flashback.